Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama - No Real Change

Despite hopes that the Obama Administration would bring about some desperately changes on the economic front, nothing much has changed from the Bush Administration. Economic policy continues to be set by the powers that be on Wall Street.

Just look at President Obama's two key economic appointments. First is Treasury secretary Tim Geithner who many people are now seeing as a poor choice. After all, he was the head of the New York Fed and was supposed to be overseeing Wall Street. Mr. Geithner was either too inept or too corrupt to stop Wall Street bigwigs from robbing the country blind.

Then we have President Obama's top economic advisor - Larry Summers. Last year, Mr. Summers received $5.2 million in compensation from hedge fund D.E. Shaw and another $2.77 million from speaking engagements for various firms such as Wall Street giant, Goldman Sachs.

I'm sure that when he deliberates on important economic matters, Mr. Summers will be looking out for the "little guy". Or that he will object to many billions more being handed over, with no questions asked, to Wall Street.

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